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Your property in Italy is a valuable asset, whether it is used for personal holidays or rental income.

We offer a broad range of packages, from key holding to a full property management service.

As every client's needs are different we offer a truly bespoke service.

The BG Italia Management Team to meet with you and discuss a free no obligation survey of all property management needs.

  • Key Holding Service

     All key movements are carefully monitored and keys are secured when not in use.

  • Regular Property Inspections

     In order to maintain the property in its best condition regular inspections are carried out during periods of inoccupation.

  • Post Collection

     We can have all your post directed to our Office or pick up your post directly from your property.

  • Property Maintenance

      We have established a maintenance team to provide for all requirements. A 24hr emergency callout is available.

  • Cleaning and Laundry Service

       We offer a range of cleaning and laundry services to cater for all needs

  • Pool and Garden Services

       We can provide both garden and pool maintenance, thus ensuring that high standards of cleanliness are maintained.

  • Legal, Fiscal and Utility Service

       We can ensure that all your legal and fiscal requirements are dealt with correctly and efficiently.

       We also undertake any insurance and utility payment plus accounting and tax advice.


  • Annual payment of IMU State Tax on Property, Land Tax and Rubbish

  • Monitor of Utility Bills


  • Payment and review of insurance policies

  • Maintenance of service contracts

  • Interpretation and translation service

       Our Team is made up of Bilingual French, Norwegian, English, German, Belgium, Swiss

  • Security Checks

       We will inspect your property on a regular basis.

       This service includes monitoring of windows, doors, exterior fixtures and furniture, dealing with security firm if an alarm goes

       off, and holding a set of house keys in order to resolve any issues that may arise such as water leaks or power cuts.


  • Communication:

     We feel that communication with our clients is extremely important, so we send regular updates on services and projects     

      through e- mail, phone calls or Video Conference

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