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Superbonus 110% poses a great opportunity for Italian residents and non- residents to renovate and make houses more efficient from an energy and seismic point of view, with the financial aid provided by the Italian Government. 

However, it must be handled with professional care as the legislation is complex with a high number of documents and licences required. It is very clear that if you make a mistake in implementing it you risk losing the tax credit, even if you duly carried out qualifying works and incurred all the relevant costs. In addition, tax penalties and interest charges may also to be levied. 

Before incurring any financial expenditures, you are strongly advised to seek independent professional advice. 

BG ITALIA is uniquely placed to offer the professional advice needed to take advantage of this opportunity. 
We are partnered with a comprehensive team with the professionals you need to support you at every stage of the process. 
If you have a house in Italy and wish to know more about your right to obtain a super-bonus, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

Works covered by the Superbonus scheme include: 
•          Thermal insulation (cladding) of more than 25% of the external surface area of a residential building 
•          Replacement of heating / air conditioning equipment of residential buildings and boilers
•          Seismic structural improvements (Sismabonus) that will increase safety / resistance of buildings to earthquakes. 

If one of these interventions is made, it is then also possible to obtain the 110% bonus for secondary additional work such as: 
•          Photovoltaic systems (light into electricity) 
•          Replacement of doors and windows 
•          Charging stations for electric vehicles 
•          Solar panels 
•          Double glazing

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